I’m thankful that laughter can come easy.
— Angie Denison, KSL-TV /Studio 5 Producer
Karen is amazing and her classes get so energized by her. She taught at the Center for Spiritual Living and we also had a Stewardship Core (financial team) meeting going over budgets – when we heard their roar of laughter. It lightened up every moment for us. Thanks Karen for being the laughing genius you are!
— Elizabeth O’ Day, Former Minister of Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living
Karen was, hands down, the best trainer I have ever had. She inspired me as a person as well. She consistently reminded me why being a strong individual outside of work was the key to being a strong member of our team at work. This approach to training always felt that it was catered to each of us and was therefore very inclusive. I have retained more from Karen’s training than any other I have participated in. She has helped me thrive at work. I have received recognition and awards here for my adherence to quality and communication standards. I will continue to seek her advice over the coming years!
— Emma Tilson, Associate Enrollment Counselor, WGU
I hired Karen to come to a yoga retreat I was hosting to teach a Whole Body Laughter class. Karen came up to the retreat and led the most amazing experience! Upon meeting Karen, one of the attendees commented on how simply glowing Karen was. And indeed she is. Karen made us all feel very comfortable while inviting us to explore our own radiant joy, which takes courage to move past layers of cynicism and fear. She somehow held wonderful control of the group and still kept it fun. Karen’s Whole Body Laughter bonded us together as a group. To look over and see other others also weeping with gales of laughter instantly transported all of us from acquaintances to the best of friends. I will most certainly use Karen in the future and am grateful to have such an amazing resource as her so available to me.
— Scott Moore, Yoga Instructor
After working at WGU for a year I was finally offered a promotion. Karen began our training with games every morning to help start the day off right. She made sure that while we were learning how to do our new jobs, we would also know how to have fun while doing so. This influenced my team in a positive way! Just about everyone on the team had positive attitudes and excelled. When you have been trained by Karen it is really hard to hate your job because she makes sure you know how to enjoy it. To this day, she is often brought up in the workplace in a positive way. We all share the fun things we did and what we learned from her while in training. It has been a little over a year since my training with her, and I still use the techniques Karen taught us to stay motivated. I believe that she has played a key role in my ability to continue to move up at WGU.
— Meghan Stolp, Enrollment Counselor, WGU
Karen’s Whole Body Laughter class was incredible! I hardly felt the time go by, and I came out feeling stronger, lighter, and happier in both mind and body. What a great way to “exercise” the whole self (and it was HUGE fun). Thanks!
— Leigh Hintze
I absolutely LOVED it!
— Teinamarrie Scuderi
I was trained by Karen twice during my time at Western Governor’s University. That means twice the motivation, twice the positive introspection, and twice the magic. Karen helped me understand my responsibility in the company and helped me define my own unique role in this capacity. She showed me how to create a statement for what this unique role is. This statement fueled my daily motivation from this statement, it created a higher meaning for me at work. The training manuals had information directed towards learning about my role in the company, but Karen infused her inspiring self into the material. I believe I learned more about life in general than just my own company. I walked away from each training with answers about myself, and yet more questions that continue to guide me. I’m grateful for those days. Karen gave me the fire I didn’t know I needed to trust myself and seek what I truly wanted.
— Heidi Loertscher, Associate Enrollment Counselor, WGU
Laughter Yoga! What a treat.
Laughing out loud just can’t be beat
Whether a chuckle or a belly laugh
Welcome relief for a stressed out staff.
Jumping around and yelling your lungs out
That’s what a fun workplace is all about.
Laughter Yoga, it should become
Required training for everyone.
— Poem - Written by Rob Romboy (SLCC Faculty & Staff Retreat)
It was so nice to connect with my spouse in your class. Thanks for the time and heartfelt effort you spent preparing such a wonderful class!”
— Chrissy Brady-Scavezze (on a date night with her husband)
The greatest thing about having Karen as our trainer, was her training didn’t stop after that first week of our new positions. She continued to work with us with new training topics and ways we can continue to improve our customer service for our students. Training never consisted of only listening and taking notes and moving right on to the next topic. Karen made each training topic unique and fun. Because of her style and her bubbly personality, the topics we learned about and our different training programs has stuck with me over a year later. I can honestly say what Karen has taught me during my training and the different meetings we had, has helped me personally to become better at my job. If I never had the opportunity to work with Karen, I do not think I would have been ready to apply for another position when I did. Karen gave me the confidence and skills to do well in not only my job, but has helped me find that connection with each one of my students that I work with on a daily basis. Karen reminded me of how important it is to laugh and have fun in the workplace as well as her guidance and different approach to things helped me overcome many obstacles here and has led me to where I am now. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for not only myself, but for our department as a whole.
— Larissa Schaeffer, Enrollment Counselor, WGU